Mural Mosaic: Forever Free Mural Mosaic Panel Forever Free

Painted Horse Studio
Jeri Thorpe, Artist
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Forever Free
16 x 16 Acrylic on Panel

I am one of the artists selected to participate in the Mural Mosaic project known as "Le Cadeau Du Cheval" (The Gift of the Horse). I consider it an honor to paint a tribute to the wild horses of the West.

This is panel #226 on the grid, check out all the paintings at
This is what I said about the panel:

"I have always loved horses, and my first horse was a bay tobiano paint. He was 16.2 and was huge to a 7 year old, but he was also wise and a great friend as I grew up and he grew older. He taught me a lot about horses and about life. I wanted to honor his memory with my painting of a band of mustangs. These are not show horses, or someone's pets. They are as nature has made them, hardy, colorful, and wise in the ways of survival. May they long live on in perfect freedom."