Painted Horse Studio
Jeri Thorpe, Artist

Jeri has been a portrait painter of horses for many years. Her original works are in private collections from Maine to California. Some of her earliest memories are of her grandfather and the race horses he trained at that time.

Her first horse was a sixteen hand paint gelding who was recovering from pneumonia. Jeri was seven years old at that time and 'Chico' was about nine. He was a perfect first horse, who was very patient with a small child. "He allowed me to 'shinny' up on his back by stepping on his knee and putting a leg over his neck as he held his head very low. Then he raised his head and I could shuffle onto his back and turn around. After he was sure we were ready, we would go for a ride."

Quite a few years and many horses later, her wide experience with a variety of horse breeds has allowed Jeri to draw on a detailed knowledge of the horse in all its beauty of form and motion, and her drawings and paintings reflect that experience.

Growing up on a farm in southwest Wisconsin also allowed her to observe wildlife in nature and the love of animals is expressed in her drawings and paintings. Jeri and her husband, Ray, also raised cougars for a time and that has provided an insight into the world of big cats and how they look and behave from birth through adulthood.

Jeri works in pencil, colored pencil, watercolors and acrylics.

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